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Citisoft is proud of our dedication to the investment management community. We remain ‘Buy-Side, By Choice.’ As a service to our clients and the investment management community, we’re selecting pertinent buy-side technology and operations content from the web and providing our take on trends and influences in our industry.

Citisoft has launched a facility for asset managers deliberating how to meet the pressing ‘Pillar III’ data delivery expectations of Solvency II.

This month, we take a look back at last year’s “14 for ‘14” – our montage of industry predictions and trends paired with movie themes. This year, we’re reflecting back and grading ourselves on the accuracy of our predictions using the thumbs-up/thumbs-down scale. Grab your ballot and popcorn and see how we did as we recap and update our earlier thinking on the key themes for 2014, including the hits, retakes, sequels, and script revisions that the year brought us.

Data governance is a hot topic across multiple channels, from articles to ads, and conversations spanning the board room to the airport bar. The noise around the term “data governance” is almost deafening at times.

Data governance is the means by which an organization protects and maximizes the benefits inherent to its data assets, and provides the framework for decision making, managing data quality and the technical architecture, as well as providing the means for consumers to interact with the data.

The shrinking software market presents challenges and unique opportunities for investment managers considering system replacement.

Over the past decade and even more so since the financial crisis of 2008, the software industry has witnessed substantial consolidation.  Nowhere is this more apparent than within the sector that serves investment management.  With strong profits, the industry is shopping within, seeking deals using low-cost capital, yet at the same time shrinking choice for the end user.

Steve Young, CEO of Citsoft PLC, contributes a guest article for  Below are some highlights.  The full article can be found here (sign in required).


A question for asset management firms: When was the last time you saw an exciting, truly innovative software vendor come to the market?

The investment management industry is clearly in the midst of a wave of technology and operations-related transformation. The fundamental change that is occurring requires vision and practical experience to be successful so we thought that it would be timely to share some lessons on developing an actionable strategy. This edition of Industry Perspectives focuses on eight key lessons gathered as a result of our 28+ years developing strategy alongside our clients.