Front Office

  • Fixed Income

    Understanding the vendor landscape for fixed income solutions offering risk analytics, attribution, and portfolio management is crucial which is why we introduced Citisoft IQ: Fixed Income systems to help asset managers quickly assess the vendor landscape.

    Citisoft IQ: Fixed Income Systems consolidates intelligence on the comprehensive functionality of over 20 platforms with fixed income capability and compiled it into a service product aimed at aligning your needs with appropriate solution alternatives.  Citisoft IQ: Fixed Income Systems is an efficient and low cost tool comprising of:

    • Comprehensive information on vendor support for over 400 requirements across risk, analytics, attribution, and portfolio management
    • Coverage of over 100 security types across these functions
    • Context regarding training, implementation, R&D, client service, and more

    If you are undergoing a search and selection, this is the quickest way to get critical vendor information.  If you are migrating to Bloomberg PORT, you will get a clear picture of the alternatives available in the fixed income systems market.

    Citisoft will gather your unique requirements in our predefined questionnaire, and will help you quickly identify and understand the solutions most appropriate for your firm. Contact us for a no commitment consultation by filling out the form below.


  • Portfolio Analytics

    Portfolio managers today have a wide array of tools available to them to help monitor their portfolios and inform their investment decisions.  The array of products available creates the need for a partner that can work with you to identify all of your business needs and pair that information up against a selection of vendors that meet those requirements.  Whether you are looking to isolate specific factor exposures driving your performance, stress test different scenarios, shock variables within a portfolio, or back test a new investment strategy during a particularly volatile market environment, Citisoft partners can provide an unbiased review of vendor solutions designed to fit your current and future state needs. 

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  • Portfolio Construction

    As portfolio managers leverage analytics in seeking to bring strategies to market that maximize alpha while managing risk, Citisoft understands the importance of aligning operational and technical support with the investment objectives. As new asset classes, leveraged products and investment strategies are introduced, tools and procedures are needed to effectively integrate these into the investment process. Citisoft is assisting its clients in the design and build of focused, integrated front office environments that consume and produce data for Scenario Modeling, Risk Management, Trading and Compliance in order to meet the needs of today's Portfolio Managers.

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  • Order Management Systems

    Order Management Systems (OMS) have evolved to address complex exchange traded and over the counter investment products, increasing volumes, integrated data and support for sophisticated trading requirements. The 'new normal' for OMS includes a variety of features to support changing regulatory requirements, enhanced risk analytics, stronger trade execution and data management functions. To support this change, leading investment managers are moving towards component-based technical architectures, which attempt to accommodate the ever-changing global market structures and provide the required business functionality to support analysis, decision making, order generation, order management, compliance and trading.  Today, firms execute trading activity through multiple channels for different clients but also need to reduce complexity, risk and cost by operating through a single platform.  Buy-side firms are looking for OMS with the capability to be that single platform.

    Choosing an Order Management System and managing the transformation is a complex undertaking that requires vision and experience. See how Citisoft has assisted clients in managing technology and business process change in the front office by viewing a sample of our trading related project experience here: 

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  • Performance Attribution

    Investors, now more than ever, require more transparency into their investments.  The ability to digest, evaluate and report on performance data is crucial for investment managers to not only make informed investment decisions but to more effectively communicate results with their investors.  A diverse suite of interconnected and sometimes overlapping tools are usually needed to integrate key upstream (order management systems) and downstream (accounting systems) data is vital to produce comprehensive and quality performance calculations across all asset classes.

    By remaining vendor agnostic, Citisoft is able to assess client requirements and help recommend and implement a comprehensive suite of tools out of the various best in breed choices available for equity, fixed income, multi-asset attribution and data analytics in the market.  The differentiator is choosing a partner that ensures a structured approach and who will carefully measure a firm's business needs against available vendor solutions. Citisoft's experienced personnel can help a firm navigate through the complexities that come with implementing a performance attribution tool and ensure that all the important questions are asked and answered.

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  • Compliance

    As a result of recent global financial turmoil, the investment management industry has experienced major changes in regulatory requirements.  Increasingly sophisticated clients and regulators are demanding strict adherence to new policies, laws and regulations.  All of which impact the investment management process and place the burden on investment managers.  Non-compliance can cost managers heavy fines and sanctions.  Thus, investment managers need tools and processes that can support comprehensive compliance workflows and reporting.  Managers need the ability to check compliance at any point in the day; at any point during the order life-cycle (pre-trade, during the trade, post-trade).  And now, more than ever, managers must be able to holistically monitor, report and provide end-to-end audit trails using accurate real time data.

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  • Risk Management

    Managing enterprise risk for the buy side, a historically neglected function for asset managers, has risen in importance in recent years. The fast-moving regulatory environment, the launch of new products and asset types, and the need for transparency from clients large and small are driving required changes in buy-side risk management. Global regulations and requirements for risk reporting has moved beyond the measurement of portfolio risk to also account for liquidity, counterparty and operational exposure as a significant cause of concern for most buy-side firms. Those firms are assessing their technology and operating models to create accurate, holistic views on risk. Citisoft has assisted our global client base in creating controlled and transparent risk platforms that have supported clients, regulators and their global partner’s demands.

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