Citisoft People | Investment Management Consulting


  • Paul Migliore

    Global Chief Executive Officer

    "The profiles of the resources our firm employs includes seasoned professionals that want to work with us because they enjoy challenges and the associated responsibilities inherent with their specific role. We may be a small company, but we service our clients better than the big firms because of our single focus on their business. Our top priority will always be our clients and the results we achieve for them."

    Paul has over 28 year's experience providing investment management systems and operations services to leading firms, including investment managers, mutual fund complexes, insurance companies, and trust companies. Prior to joining Citisoft, Paul was a Partner with IBM Global Business Services and PricewaterhouseCoopers and was responsible for the US Investment Management practice. Paul has extensive business and systems expertise in trading, portfolio management, investment accounting, compliance, performance measurement, and financial reporting.


  • Tom Secaur

    Global Chief Operating Officer

    "Growth is what drives my competitive juices.  It is what gets me out of bed in the morning.  I do keep score.  I hate losing.  I love to win, especially when it's over one of the pretenders to the Citisoft throne."

    "Screw the hoodies and flip-flops; come work for Citisoft!"

    Tom Secaur was a co-founder of The Rowan Group, a boutique investment management consulting firm, and joined Citisoft through their merger with Citisoft in 2002.  Tom has amassed extremely deep knowledge of both front and middle office processing, analytical applications, client reporting tools and how they are leveraged within the global financial services industry.  Prior to The Rowan Group, Tom worked for over eight years at Thomson Financial, successfully managing several of Thomson's largest and most complex portfolio management system implementations.


  • Steve Young

    Managing Partner

    "I believe we are on the cusp of some major changes across our industry. It is increasingly important for firms to seek out new and challenging external views and to question their value proposition and modes of operation. The inevitable turmoil will create big opportunities for firms that are agile and ambitious; those with staid resources and attitudes will increasingly be left behind."

    Steve brings with him over 30 year's experience in the investment management industry. He provides a blend of business understanding combined with an extensive knowledge of the technology and software landscape along and in depth understanding of the services sector. Prior to joining Citisoft Steve was one of the team that created Rhyme Systems following a management buy-out from Misys PLC, successfully restructuring the business into a leading software and services company. Prior to Rhyme, Steve held senior positions at Thomson Reuters, Extel Financial and Datastream.


  • David Bates

    Managing Partner

    "The needs of our clients are complex and require hard work.  We are here to take some of the pressure off our clients shoulders, be strategic thinkers, support execution, and above all be a partner with shared ownership and accountability.  The reward comes in the form of our clients success, the role we play in helping them reach their business goals, and our shared growth and improvement."  


    David Bates is a Citisoft Principal with over 16 year's experience servicing the investment management industry. David has extensive experience delivering operational and technology strategies, developing and managing complex transformation initiatives at leading global mutual fund complexes, institutional money managers, hedge funds and insurance firms. David's expertise spans the front, middle, and back offices including portfolio management, order management, trade processing, investment accounting, outsourcing, counterparty risk management, compliance, performance, client service, and enterprise data management. David began his consulting career in the US Investment Management Practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers.  Prior to PwC, David held several roles at First Data/PFPC.


  • Ben Keeler

    Managing Director

    “Our staff is driven to give our best effort, ideas and creativity to our clients, every day. We have no product other than our people and our collective experiences and that is a very energizing for us. The industry is constantly in flux and our clients need our best every day. Our staff always rises to meet that challenge.”

    Ben Keeler is a Managing Director with over 20 years of experience consulting, developing research and providing client service for the investment management industry. In his leadership role, Ben supports the advisory needs of Citisoft’s global client base and is responsible for growing the global consulting practice. Ben is an experienced program and client relationship manager and is a recognized industry leader on topics including technology strategy, operating models, investment operations outsourcing and data management.

  • Colleen Devine

    Managing Director

    Colleen has over 27 years of experience transforming the industry’s largest global investment managers and service providers. Colleen has a wealth of IT project management and operations knowledge. Colleen has a record of excellence in program and complex project management of system selections, development and implementation for trading, investment accounting, performance, tax reporting and data warehouses working with IT, operations and investment personnel.

    "Years ago, I told my employer my job was to keep his promises to our clients. Today, that still holds true. At Citisoft, we help our clients to define their strategic direction and then work with them to achieve their vision by transforming their businesses and systems to align with their long term goals. I am proud of the work that we do each day and the seasoned professionals at Citisoft. We know how to drive toward and achieve success."