Register for The 143 Quick & Easy Steps to Data Success: A Roundtable Discussion

The quick wins, the strategic relationships, and the future of data initiatives, through the lens of the investment management industry

Join us for an invitation-only roundtable discussion on identifying the "quick wins" for data initiatives and leveraging existing resources.

Date: Thursday 2nd November

Time: 1500 - 1700 

Registration opens from 1500 and the roundtable will start at 1530. The session will be followed by a drinks reception until 1900.

Location: Executive Boardroom, Leonardo Hotel St Paul's (10 Godliman St, London EC4V 5AJ)

A common phrase used in many whitepapers and blogs, “modernising your data operating model,” generally sends shivers down the spine of most seasoned senior managers and is often accompanied by flashbacks to previous similar projects that may not have turned out quite as expected.

The internet is filled with articles that list out the set of required steps necessary to implement such projects successfully and become a “data driven organisation” but there is less discussion of what those project should focus on. Citisoft’s upcoming data initiatives roundtable, sponsored by FINBOURNE, will key in on the "what" rather than the "how" by focusing on:

  • what a “quick win” for a data initiative could be
  • how to better engage the business and
  • how to best leverage the organisation’s existing technical and operational resources.

Citisoft is delighted to facilitate this roundtable, sponsored by data management experts, FINBOURNE Technology. FINBOURNE offers investment, banking and capital markets firms an interoperable approach to data management, lowering total cost of ownership and achieving value within a faster time to market.


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