Cosmo Wisniewski to Speak on Bobsguide Post-MiFID II Webinar


The asset management landscape post-MiFID II implementation: So what happens now?

For the entirety of 2017 the asset management industry was counting down to January 3 2018, the implementation date of MiFID II. A lack of clarity on how the regulator expected firms to comply had dominated MiFID II preparation, so is the picture clearer post-implementation? What should firms’ next move be? And how does fintech fit into the picture?

Questions that this webinar will answer include:

  • Do we now have a clearer picture of what the asset management landscape looks like in practice in a post-MiFID II world?
  • Where should asset management firms now be in relation to MiFID II compliance?
  • Compliance success stories – which firms stand out?
  • What role should the regulator now play in educating firms?
  • How will the regulator deal with firms that were not prepared for MiFID II implementation?
  • Can MiFID II be immediately enforced? If not, then how long until it can?

Presented by bobsguide.