Asset Servicers

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Partner to achieve your goals.

We’ll help you achieve client success by scaling your team to fill any gap—from design to testing to go-live. Our consultants will serve as a conduit between your team and your clients, ensuring clear communications and a smooth transition.

Even the best laid plans can be derailed by resource constraints. To see an ambitious program through, you need to scale up your program management office to ensure key deliverables are on-time and on-budget, with no day-to-day distractions. By working with Citisoft, we’ll ensure that you have the right resource mix to deliver client success.

Transitioning to an outsourced operating model is like changing the tires on a moving car. To keep client operations running smoothly, you need the right team in place to ensure your change program succeeds with minimal client disruption. Our consultants will work as an extension of your team, supporting all aspects of the transition and helping you scale as needed.

On complex implementations, you need a partner who can serve as a conduit between you and your client. Our team can fill roles across the systems implementation lifecycle—from project management, to testing, to stakeholder communications. Our consultants are ready to hit the ground running from day one and maintain the flexibility to fill any gap in order to ensure project success.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to achieve project success. Our service frameworks have been tried, tested, and perfected. From project foundation through development, testing, and migration, our process supports every key milestone in your client’s transition or implementation. By working with our subject matter experts, you’ll keep your project on track with fewer curveballs along the way.


Leverage strategic insight  to achieve your business strategy goals. 

Our experience working across the investment landscape provides you with unique insights on market strategy, proof of concept, operating model design, and more. Whether you’re looking to quickly benchmark your service offering or re-architect your application model, you’ll benefit from our unbiased perspective and deep domain expertise.

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Strategic platform assessment

Our consultants have hands-on experience working with or implementing every major system across the investment lifecycle. This functional knowledge offers you unmatched perspective on where you stand in a crowded market and where you can deploy new technology, resources, or services to achieve better market penetration or improved client outcomes.

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Operating model design and deployment

You need an in-depth understanding of the systems, services, and partners available to bring your operating model goals to fruition. We have worked with every major solutions provider across the investment lifecycle, giving you unmatched perspective on the features, benefits and potential gaps associated with a wide range of operating model strategies.

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Market strategy

We have decades of experience working alongside asset servicers to support their business goals. As a leading provider of advisory services to the asset management industry, we have unique perspective on where client demand is coming from, how technology is evolving, and how new strategies can support your growth. When you need to pivot, we can help guide you to the right market strategy for your goals.

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Proof of concept

You need an unbiased view on your new platform or technology before you go to market. Our consultants have unmatched experience running proof of concept projects and can manage your testing approach, soup-to-nuts. We’ll take the load off by building out runbooks, testing plans, and delivering testing as needed to ensure you’re ready for market.

Practice Areas

Leverage unmatched expertise across the investment continuum.

Our consultants are industry leaders with the vision to understand where the industry is headed and the hands-on experience to help you realize your goals.

Find out how trends in data, technology, outsourcing, and more are re-shaping operating models and setting the stage for transformation.

We have the expertise and track record to design and deliver projects of any scope.

Discuss your needs with an expert and discover how we can help.