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Whether you are a pension fund, foundation, endowment, OCIO, or family office, you’re facing unprecedented operational challenges. For most firms, the shift to new investment strategies is creating disparate data sets and pushing operating models to their breaking point. We’ll help you manage your diverse multi-asset portfolios and meet obligations effectively with operational strategies customized to your unique needs.

If you’re investing in private equity, private debt, real estate, infrastructure, or credit assets you face unique operational complexities. To mitigate operational cost and risk while improving access to data, you need to develop a scalable operating model that is fit-for-purpose. Whether you need a complete evaluation of your technology architecture or a more targeted assessment, our proven strategic assessment methodology will lead you to the optimal solution.

When you’re entrusted with your organization’s endowment or the future retirement of your beneficiaries, you have a lot at stake. Your end investors require investment transparency and an increasingly individualized approach to portfolio construction. We have deep expertise of the vendor landscape to help you identify the best solutions to deliver on your diverse set of investment objectives, the right reporting solutions to offer transparency to your end investors, and the operational infrastructure to support timely and actionable data for better investment decision-making.

Whether dealing with fluctuating interest rate environments, funding gaps, regulatory changes, or beneficiary obligations, meeting your investment objectives is more complicated than ever. Many firms are choosing to focus human capital on their core competencies while partnering with service providers who can help them navigate operational and data challenges. Whether you’re looking for administration, operational services, accounting, or a front-to-back offering, Citisoft can help you find the right service provider to help meet your long-term goals.

As your portfolio diversity increases, you need a sophisticated data architecture to handle disparate investment vehicles, regulations, mandates, and reporting requirements. We have decades of experience advising clients on how to build scalable data models to support data across the investment lifecycle. With the right infrastructure, you can capitalize on new technologies and put actionable data in the hands of the decision makers who need it.

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