Data Management Practice

Whether you’re modernizing a data architecture at its breaking point or introducing data governance for the first time, we’ll help you harness the power of your data.

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Build a custom data strategy to support your goals.

You need timely, accurate, and enriched data to support your investment strategy. With countless systems, consumers, interfaces, and sources, getting to a single source of truth is more difficult than ever. We’ll help you build data management strategies to support your goals and grow with your business.

Business Strategy

Business requirements are at the core of any data management strategy. Your firm’s objectives across investments and operations integrally define how you’ll design your data ecosystem. We understand stakeholder needs across functions, regions, and for firms of any size—helping you clearly define, design, and communicate your data strategy.

Technology Strategy

Designing a data architecture can’t be accomplished in a silo. To enable your data strategy, you need a clear understanding of your current technology ecosystem and a vision for your future state. Our consulting team will take a holistic view of your operating model to help you evaluate and implement the technology needed to bring your data strategy to life.

Consumer Strategy

Data is one of your firm’s most valuable assets. To continue innovating and delivering value, you need to empower your business users with data relevant to their roles and objectives. We’ll help you create and refine a data consumer strategy that is sustainable, efficient, and gets data-driven insight into the hands of the users that need it.


Modernize your approach to data management.

Data is the lifeblood of your business. To maintain operational health, you need a clear understanding of your current data ecosystem and a strategic vision for data strategy. Our data experts will help you uncover key insights and solve for even the most complex data challenges.

Data Governance

Your success depends on a sustainable data governance model. We know how to promote internal buy-in, communicate with stakeholders, and implement the tools you need to ensure timely and accurate data from the front to back office.

Data Architecture

We’ll help you assess, redesign, and implement a custom data architecture to support your data discovery, preparation, and data delivery needs. From strategy through go-live, we’ll pull from decades of experience aligning cutting edge solutions to ensure your architecture is fit-for-purpose and fit-for-growth.

Data Operations

Our agile, outcome-oriented approach to data operations prioritizes automation, collaboration, and integration across teams. We’ll help you achieve reliable and sustainable data by cutting through complexity to effectively and efficiently structure and manage your data operations.

Data Analytics

Put meaningful information in the hands of those who need it. Our comprehensive knowledge of data and analytics solutions enables your quants, data scientists, and citizen analysts to maximize the full potential of your data. We’ll help you deliver meaningful insights with data that is consistent, sustainable, timely, and accurate.

Find out how trends in data, technology, outsourcing, and more are re-shaping operating models and setting the stage for transformation.

We have the expertise and track record to design and deliver projects of any scope.

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