Program and Project Management

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Achieve program success without the headache.

Too often, projects fail to achieve their goals due to lack of communication, unclear expectations, or unrealistic timelines. Our dedicated project management team will help you avoid these project pitfalls while enabling your team to focus on keeping the business running smoothly.

Even the best laid plans can be derailed by resource constraints. To see an ambitious program through, you need a dedicated program management office to ensure key deliverables are on-time and on-budget, with no day-to-day distractions. By working with Citisoft, we’ll ensure that you have the right resources focused on governance and a fully functional team dedicated to running your business.

Leverage our proven project frameworks to deliver change programs or projects of any scope. During kickoff, we’ll work with your team to understand your environment and deliver a plan designed to manage and control the delivery of your objectives. As we move into execution, we’ll design a program management office and put into place the tools, policies, and plans to stay on track. Throughout the engagement, we’ll continuously manage risk, reporting, and stakeholder communications. Whether your program is waterfall, agile, or a combination, we have hands-on experience leading programs across every project methodology.

When it comes to delivering a complex, cross-functional program, you need a PMO team with the experience to anticipate and proactively manage challenges across the investment continuum. Our consultants have worked on projects across every aspect of investment management technology and operations. By working with an experienced team, you gain the insight of both project experience and a nuanced understanding of your requirements.

To keep your project on track, you need to anticipate speed bumps before they become roadblocks. Our consultants understand the importance of early issue escalation and have the domain knowledge to challenge assumptions and find flexible solutions. We proactively manage risk through rigorous status reporting and communications with stakeholders at all levels of the program— from implementation specialists to program sponsors.

On-time, on-budget resource management is a challenge for programs of any scale. We have the manpower and experience to keep your end goal in sight through effective enterprise resource management. With a clear view of where your resources are allocated now, and in the future, you’re better able to manage program risk while maintaining business as usual.

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