Operating Model Design

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Design a purpose-built future state to support your business goals.

We can help you envision your ideal operating model and carve a path to reaching it. With our unmatched perspective on trends and industry practices, there’s no better partner to help guide your journey.

We have unrivaled perspective on industry best practice and how to build an operating environment that will grow with you. Taking a holistic view of your current systems architecture and operating model, we’ll help you envision your future state clearly with our time-tested framework for operating model design.

You need an in-depth understanding of the systems, services, and partners available to bring your operating model goals to fruition. We have worked with every major solutions provider across the investment lifecycle, giving you unmatched perspective on the features, benefits and potential gaps associated with a wide range of operating model strategies. When you work with our team, you’ll streamline the target operating and application model design process and minimize future operational risk.

Gain a clear understanding of the resources required to bring your change program to life. We’ve designed and implemented countless operating models, giving you unique insight on where to anticipate stumbling blocks, where timelines can be expedited or extended, or where to allocate budget and resources in order to keep your program moving efficiently.

Once you have envisioned your destination, you need to chart a course that minimizes business impact and mitigates operational risk. We take a pragmatic approach to designing your roadmap by leveraging decades of experience delivering change program success. By working with a partner who understands complex transitions, you’ll gain a clear understanding of phases, milestones, and resources needed to implement and support your new operating model.

Operating model design requires cross-functional collaboration and clear communications at all levels of the organization. Our consultants are program management experts and work to unite perspectives and goals from across your firm. On every operating model design project, you gain access to Citisoft senior management, supporting your communications with stakeholders from management to the C-suite.

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Leverage unmatched expertise across the investment continuum.

Our consultants are industry leaders with the vision to understand where the industry is headed and the hands-on experience to help you realize your goals.

We have the expertise and track record to design and deliver projects of any scope.

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