Investment Data Management in 2023 Roundtable

Join us for an invitation-only breakfast roundtable with industry peers where we will explore how organisations plan to approach operational efficiency. 

The return of volatility and increased insecurity is back and here to stay. At this critical juncture, the buy-side must find a new way to bridge the gap that exists, between the current operational infrastructure and the future state desired, without starting anew. This is where interoperability and a SaaS-native operating model can make sense of the technology investments made to date, so you can understand and gain value from your data.

In this roundtable we will explore how organisations plan to approach operational efficiency in a fast-evolving world and consider the merits of an interoperable Modern Financial Data Stack, in delivering the flexibility, trust and control needed to win back productivity and operating margins. Topics will include:

  • The challenges and opportunities around achieving operational efficiency and 2023 priorities
  • The role of data ownership: where does data ownership sit in your organisation and what challenges stand in the way of data-led change?
  • How organisations are future-proofing operations and what role software as a service can play

Citisoft is delighted to host this roundtable in partnership with data management experts, FINBOURNE Technology, who offer investment, banking and capital markets firms an interoperable approach to data management, lowering total cost of ownership and achieving value within a faster time to market.