$300B Global Asset Manager Launches Program to Enable Data-Centric Operating Model


Our client is a global, multi-boutique, asset manager responsible for over $300B in institutional, mutual fund, and insurance assets. This organization achieved impressive asset growth by expanding its product lines, distribution channels, and global markets coverage. The leadership team recognized that they needed to enhance their operating model to keep pace with their business growth and support a data-centric environment for their many unique investment management teams.

The client was hamstrung by a legacy portfolio administration system that had been the backbone of its operation for many years. The platform was difficult to support and was constraining critical accounting, data management, reporting, and data integration functions. The client’s leadership team set out to 1) re-establish a common set of standardized business applications and services, and 2) establish a robust data architecture, as opposed to an accounting-centric technology environment. Specific business challenges the client was looking to address included:

  • Streamlining extensive manual and report-driven processing (as opposed to workflow-enabled)
  • Reducing operational and vendor risk
  • Driving agreement on “what is core” for a global asset management business
  • Employing technology fit for purpose
  • Ensuring technology and operational structures globally scalable

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