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Citisoft Launches EMEA Insights Programme with UK Universities

Citisoft is delighted to have started its first Citisoft EMEA Insights Programme with London Metropolitan University and Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) in Cambridge.

Students from the two participating universities will spend the semester researching and presenting work on four topics:

  1. Resource wealth and providing for future generations
  2. Investment management in major frontier markets
  3. ESG investing
  4. FinTech's impact on the investment management industry

Citisoft EMEA has teamed up with lecturers at these universities that have integrated the Insights Programme into the students' coursework. Citisoft will be supporting and challenging the students to bring their research and viewpoints to these topics, to be presented early in 2021.

Dr. Marina Boz, Academic Employability Consultant at ARU, said, "We are delighted that Citisoft offered our students the opportunity to work on a live brief as part of their Insights Programme. Live briefs are an ARU initiative that supports businesses, non-profit and public sector organisations to address current issues. They challenge our students to apply their academic knowledge and expose them to professional environments and behaviours, so that they are better prepared for the workplace."

Citisoft anticipates a long and rewarding relationship with both institutions and thanks the participants for their involvement. Please contact us at for additional information.

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