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Citisoft Announces Launch of the Citisoft Scholars Program

Citisoft, a global investment management consulting firm, has announced the launch of the Citisoft Scholars Program in partnership with Youth Guidance.

Since 2020, Citisoft's charitable programs have focused on the mission of helping empower students in underserved communities through education, financial literacy, and community engagement. In support of this mission, Citisoft has partnered with Youth Guidance to launch an annual scholarship for students in their programs who are pursuing a post-secondary degree.

Youth Guidance, a national nonprofit organization based in Chicago, creates and implements school-based programs that enable youth to overcome obstacles, focus on their education and, ultimately, to succeed in school and in life. Its core programs, Becoming a Man and Working on Womanhood, are highly engaging school-based counseling and mentoring programs that promote social-emotional and psychological well-being, strong school engagement, and increased academic attainment for students in grades 7-12.

"We're extremely proud to work with the Youth Guidance organization in helping kids reach their full potential," said Tom Secaur, Citisoft COO. "Our community initiatives are employee-led and reflect a firm-wide commitment to maximizing impact through mentorship, financial support, and access to education. Bringing the Citisoft Scholars Program to fruition has been a collaborative effort between many dedicated individuals and we're excited to support the bright futures of Citisoft scholars."

The program's first scholar for 2022 is Evan Lewis who will be pursuing a degree in Sports Management from Lasell University. Evan was selected for his academic excellence, commitment to community, and strong recommendations from Youth Guidance mentors. Citisoft's annual scholarship will support Evan through each of his four years in Lasell's Sports Management program. In addition to receiving a scholarship fund for academic support, Citisoft scholars will receive a discretionary spending fund, funded directly by Citisoft employees and supporters. Details on contributions can be found on the Youth Guidance website.

Shawn Brown, Founding Executive Director of Youth Guidance Boston, expressed his gratitude for Citisoft's partnership, "At Youth Guidance, we believe that there is incredible power in showing a young person that no matter what, there is a caring adult in your life who wants you to succeed. We're grateful that recipients of the Citisoft Scholarship Program will know that there is a whole team of caring adults making that same commitment as graduates of our program take the next step in their lives."

Citisoft and Youth Guidance look forward to supporting their first scholar and continuing to support one additional recipient each academic year. Details on application for next year will be made available by Youth Guidance in 2023.

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