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Citisoft Announces Launch of New Website and Re-Focused Service Offering

Citisoft, a Boston and London based consulting firm dedicated to the asset management industry, has announced the launch of its new website and re-focused suite of services. The firm has been the leading source of asset management focused technology and operations consulting for over 30 years. This latest transformation reflects their commitment to bringing industry-focused services and content to clients and stakeholders.

Citisoft's Advisory Services capabilities have expanded significantly as the firm has grown and added to its consulting staff. Their library of advisory work includes numerous recent transformation programs which has helped the firm distil their core Advisory Services. These Advisory Services now include Strategic Assessment, Systems Strategy & Selection, and Outsourcing Evaluation & Selection. In tandem, their Delivery Services now include Systems Implementation & Integration, Program & Project Management, and Outsourcing Transition.

"We're extremely proud to have led some of the asset management industry's most transformative programs over the last five years. This experience has helped us strengthen our service offering and deepen our expertise," said Paul Migliore, Global CEO at Citisoft. "Despite the expansion of these capabilities, we want to send a clear message about who we are and what we offer. We think our suite of services reflects our strategic and delivery capabilities in a way that is easily understood."

Along with this change, Citisoft has launched a new website and refreshed their branding across digital channels. The re-launched showcases their thought leadership content and allows their audience to subscribe to insights across their publications. As the asset management industry undergoes a period of unprecedented change, these updates reflect Citisoft's commitment to monitoring and providing actionable insights on the evolving trends that are impacting asset managers.

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