Health Care Organization Transforms Operations to Support Sophisticated Investment Strategy


Our client, one of the leading health care organizations in the US, was seeking to transform its corporate investment team into a sophisticated asset manager with world-class investment management capabilities. Transforming from an asset owner to asset manager with leading-edge internal capabilities required investments talent, prompting the client to assemble a high-quality team to manage the firm’s growing investment portfolio.  

The investment team brought a wealth of experience and strong investment ideas to the table, enabling the portfolio to deliver solid results and continue to support the mission of the broader organization. However, the investments team quickly realized that legacy technology and the existing operating and data environment models (which relied on external managers, and lacked a true IBOR) prevented it from fully executing its holistic, risk-aware investment strategy.

The move to internalize and enhance the firm’s investment management capabilities required more than just an influx of investment talent. It would also require a new approach to operations, technology, and data management.

The client initiated a strategic program focused on building a world-class operations and technology platform to provide the functionality, scalability, and robust data management capabilities required to support its growing portfolio and evolving approach to investment management.    

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