The Next Frontier in Insurance Operations: Solving for the Evolution of the Insurance Operating Model

The world of insurance asset management has changed drastically in the past decade‚ insurers now face the unique challenge of investing in sophisticated private market, derivative, and fixed income strategies while continuing to meet stringent regulatory requirements. With the prevalence of aging technology and a shifting vendor landscape, meeting these obligations while minimizing combined ratios has become more difficult than ever.

In recent years, these challenges have been re-shaping the solutions landscape and insurance organizations are now at a tipping point. Should insurance investments teams look to new solutions to meet their evolving needs? Can legacy operating models support their goals in the short and long term? With a new frontier in technology on the horizon, the time is now for insurance industry leadership to think strategically about operations and technology.

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  • The changing role of the investments team
  • The challenge of data aggregation
  • Evolving insurance operating models
  • New offerings in insurance solutions market
  • How insurers can navigate the technology market and set a course for transformation


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