Outlook 2020: A New Frontier in Asset Management Operations

In 2019, game-changing acquisitions and partnerships were forged across the asset management industry. The convergence of software and services along with the expansion of data centric solutions signals a breakdown of the lines between traditional functions. With massive changes materializing in asset management technology and operations, we could think of no topic more important to address in 2020. This year, we focus on the trend that has the potential to revolutionize our industry: a future in which a holistic operating environment replaces the disparate entities of the front, middle, and back office.

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  • Why the prevailing industry operating model is broken
  • Our vision for a next generation operating model and how it will support business strategy
  • Changes to the vendor landscape over the past 12-18 months and what that means for asset managers
  • Benefits of a front to back serviced model
  • How to take advantage of a new operating model now that is strategically aligned with business goals

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