Outlook 2023: A Solutions Market Renaissance

Over the past year, we have seen enormous change in the vendor landscape. In 2023, we anticipate ongoing changes to technology, services, and partnerships will have a significant impact on how asset managers think about priorities and operating models. Given the broad reach of this trend and its evolving nature, we could think of no more important topic to dive into for Outlook 2023.

Read on for our expert thoughts on trends in services, technology innovation, challenges of interoperability, the shifting talent landscape, and how we see many of the partnerships and collaborations in the solutions market shaking out.

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  • Service providers turning their focus to technology
  • How to embrace the role of the early adopter
  • The expansion of services in the custodial market
  • How cloud is re-shaping the solutions landscape and the discernment between cloud-native and cloud capable
  • How changes in the solutions landscape are driving talent shifts and talent upskilling

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