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Paul Migliore Discusses Remote Work in Light of COVID-19

Paul Migliore was recently featured in Ignitesto discuss how asset managers are shifting their remote policies in light of the public health crisis. As the virus spreads, Ignites reports on who has changed their policies, how to ensure security risk is minimized, and what lays ahead.

In response to security concerns, Paul noted that whether employees use personal or work-issued devices when working offsite, employers should make sure that they are required to use secure virtual private networks, or VPNs, to access their systems. "[T]he majority of the major asset managers are building future-state architectures that will embrace all aspects of their business moving to the cloud," he says. "Are they there today? The answer is no. They're transitioning there."

For more of Paul's take on the challenges asset managers are facing as they shift workplace dynamics, read the full article here.

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