Practical Tips to Help Navigate the Middle Office Outsourcing Transition

As asset managers have increasingly come to realize the value in their organizations beyond portfolio management, the middle office has emerged as a critically important component of operational strategy. Many firms are turning to third parties to tap into this value, but navigating the middle office outsourcing landscape is a complex undertaking. Having led over 40 successful outsourcing transitions, we know the ins-and-outs of these programs by heart.

To provide you with unbiased transparency into the considerations in selecting a service provider as well as advice on preparing for a transition, we've collaborated with SEI to bring you practical tips to navigate middle office outsourcing transitions.

In this paper, learn

  • How to identify where outsourcing makes sense for your organization
  • Key considerations you need to know before moving to a new operating model
  • How to prepare your data for a transition
  • Misconceptions about transitions and keys to success
  • Tips for post-transition success

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