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SWIB Supports Sophisticated Investment Strategy with Transformation Program

The State of Wisconsin Investment Board's Executive Director Michael Williamson and Citisoft's David Bates recently spoke with FundFire about SWIB's newly-completed technology and operations transformation. The four-year initiative was supported by Citisoft and is part of SWIB's 2014—2018 strategic plan to become an innovative, agile, integrated organization, optimizing returns and managing risk and long-term costs.

Williamson commented, "we felt we needed to improve our access to data and systems that were geared toward investments and systems, analytics, cash flows, risk calculations and the nuances of volatile markets to have an added edge to compete in a more diverse and complex investment environment."

David Bates added "SWIB, because of the internalization of its asset management function, looks like a very complicated multi-asset manager in its capabilities. It does look more like a traditional asset manager than many public-sector pension agencies do, because it requires the capability of that sort of model."

For more discussion on the transformative changes to SWIB's technology and operations, read the full article.

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