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SWIB Discusses Results of Completed Transformation Program with Institutional Investor

SWIB recently spoke to Institutional Investor about its newly-completed transformation program. The iniative, supported by Citisoft, was part of SWIB's 2014-2018 strategic plan to become an innovative, agile, integrated organization that optimizes investment returns while managing risk and cost over the long term.

David Villa, CIO, discussed how the program enabled "moving from siloed investment technology to a sophisticated asset class and risk aggregated model." SWIB's Michael Williamson, Executive Director, added that the "massive undertaking" was completed on time and under budget.

Citisoft's David Bates commented on the success of SWIB's transformation: "The state has allowed them to operate in a way that they're focused on the interest of the trust and retirees. That's translated into the ability to hire talent, and to invest in their technology and operations platforms."

For more insight on how the transformation's leading-edge technology and new operating model support SWIB's sophisticated investment strategy, read the full article.

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