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SWIB's Michael Williamson Discusses Tech & Ops Transformation Benefits

The State of Wisconsin Investment Board's Executive Director Michael Williamson recently discussed SWIB's multi-year tech and ops transformation program with The iniative, supported by Citisoft, was part of SWIB's strategy focused on building a world-class enterprise technology and operations platform that would provide the functionality, scalability, and quality of data required to match the organization's current and future needs.

"This is the most comprehensive technological system in place in a public pension plan in the US; we are at the forefront." Michael Williamson noted. On the effects the transformation has already had upon SWIB's business, he commented, "We have already paid for our investment in generated returns."

For more of Williamson's insight on how SWIB overhauled its technology and operations and the impact that's had on alpha generation, read the full article.

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