To the Cloud: Re-Shaping Asset Management Operations

The journey to today's modern cloud has been decades in the making both in construct and capability, rooted in an initial vision of offering software and services to clients via the internet. The cloud journey for the asset management industry has mirrored other industries with the usual caution, doubt, and high threshold for adoption inherent in our sector when it comes to emerging technological advancements.

Fast-forwarding to today, data governance, data management, and data utilization are now all inextricably linked with how that data will be stored, how it will be accessed, what tools can untap the hidden potential of data, and what skills are required to maximize its value. In an industry where it is increasingly difficult to compete, the bread and butter for the asset manager of the future will lay in the sophistication of their data toolset and the ability to enable revenue optimization and cost reduction. It has become clear that the cloud holds the promise of unlocking that potential‚ through scalability, accessibility, and sheer computing power.

Download the paper to learn more about how cloud will re-shape asset management operations, including sections on:

  • How to define the cloud and basics for deployment and hosting models
  • The benefits of migrating to the cloudfor asset management organizations
  • How the cloud is driving innovation in asset management
  • How asset managers and solutions providers are shifting to the cloud
  • What the considerations are for technology and operations teams moving to a cloud-first approach


Download the paper