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Tom Secaur Discusses SEC Liquidity Rule Prep


Citisoft's Tom Secaur and Ignites recently discussed how asset managers need to prepare for the SEC liquidity rule as the December 2018 compliance date approaches. Many firms face long to-do lists, but lots of these shops aren't even certain if they have access to data necessary to comply with the rule's liquidity monitoring standards.

When considering this, firms should assess what data may be scattered across their organizations and which data they need to obtain from third parties, says Tom. Choosing a vendor, however, is just the first step. "A lot of times when these regulations come out, it's almost a knee-jerk reaction for asset managers to reach out to service providers and say, 'OK, what are you going to do for us here?' Classifying the assets is not simply an off-the-shelf service a data provider is going to provide for you."

For more insight from industry thought leaders on how shops are preparing for compliance and the challenges they face, read the full article from Ignites.

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