Alternative Investments: Using Data to Drive Growth

Demand for alternative investments has been rising steadily despite ongoing market volatility and is expected to continue its growth as investment managers diversify their holdings, hedge against inflation and seek alpha in private markets. However, such a challenging environment also requires managers to make the best use of their resources, and data is proving to be among a manager's most important assets.

How are alternative investment managers and investors leveraging data to drive growth? What are the best practices in data governance and management?

As trusted advisors in technology and operations, IQ-EQ and Citisoft have collaborated to understand specifically what alternative investment firms are considering as they prepare their businesses for the future. To gather this insight, we interviewed over a dozen senior leaders in private equity GP and LP firms across North America and Europe to clarify their priorities and focus.

As our report reveals, conversations largely centred on the ability to source and access consistent and reliable data in a timely fashion. Maintaining quality data is seen as critical to investment decision-making and optimisation of operations, and managers are now looking to implement innovative tools enabling predictive analytics and trend identification that could transform the way their businesses are run.

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