Outsourcing Evaluation & Selection

Line up the best service provider for your business by partnering with the foremost outsourcing experts

Stack your team with the right outsourcing partner.

A winning investment strategy requires a winning operating model. If you’ve decided to outsource, understanding your options and drafting the right players can be a challenge. We’ve worked with every major service provider, giving you unmatched insight into service offerings, technology, transition, and cultural fit. Whether you’re considering outsourcing for the first time or transitioning to a new service provider, our exhaustive experience will help you evaluate your options faster, with fewer curveballs along the way.

Cut to the chase

Ask the right questions to find the right answers quicker.

Get up to speed on the service provider landscape with our outsourcing expertise. We’ll help you quickly narrow down your options to find the best partner by leveraging our deep library of RFI and RFP documentation. Having resources at your fingertips means less time spent on research so you can arrive at a decision sooner.

Get a holistic view

Investigate every option to find the best fit.

Find the best extension of your team with our objective third-party perspective. We understand that outsourcing isn’t one size fits all, which is why we consider all your current and future business needs when lining up the right outsourcing partner. By taking a broad view during the evaluation and selection process, including understanding your options for value-add services beyond core middle- and back-office functions, you’ll ensure the perfect fit to grow with your needs.

Maintain business as usual

Focus on your core competencies.

Documenting your requirements, communicating with service providers, evaluating your options, and negotiating contracts requires major bandwidth. We’ll free up your team to focus on your day-to-day by leading every step in the process and minimizing interference. Once you’ve decided on a plan of action, we can continue to supplement your resources with our Outsourcing Transition services.

Employ a customized approach

Break free of the mold.

To maximize the value of an outsourced model, you need to invest in the long haul. Finding the right partners to operate as an extension of your team is a challenge without a nuanced understanding of their capabilities and culture. We know the importance of fit and will help guide your evaluation process from functional capabilities through day-to-day support by matching your unique operational needs with customized requirements.

Understand the fine print

Skillfully negotiate your outsourcing contract.

Navigating the complexities of an outsourcing contract is a challenge without an experienced partner to lead the process. We’ve helped clients negotiate outsourcing deals of all sizes, giving us both peer benchmarking insight and an in-depth understanding of the process. We’ll help you settle on the right terms, clarify your relationship, and offer foresight on next steps so you won’t be blindsided by changes along the way.

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