We're committed to bettering our communities

Our team is working to build more diverse workplaces, engaged communities, and ethics-driven business operations.

We're proud to represent the values of our employees through our commitment to social responsibility.

At Citisoft, we strive to champion the values of diverse and equitable workplaces, community engagement, and responsible business operations. We enact these values through three key tenets:

Delivering results. We view our clients’ success as our success and focus on delivering results that effect positive change in the company.

Acting with integrity. We understand the importance of treating colleagues and clients with respect, honesty, and care.

Fostering inclusivity and community engagement. We make an impact in our communities at work and at home through inclusivity, equity, charitable giving, and volunteerism.


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Within Citisoft resource management and recruiting, we believe that diversity makes us a stronger performing organization, resulting in increased value to our clients, employees, and communities.

The mission of Citisoft’s talent committee is to promote equal opportunities for professional growth and to foster an inclusive talent pool of strong candidates from all backgrounds. We are committed to promoting diversity by exploring and leveraging new diversity-focused recruiting and professional development strategies, partners, and tools to enhance our existing capabilities while honoring our commitment to be a global leader in buy-side consulting.



Historically, the financial services industry has not reflected the rich tapestry of backgrounds, gender identities, or diverse abilities of the communities where we live and work. We are committed to doing our part to change that. In 2020, we formed Citisoft's first Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee to help us effect the changes our industry needs.

The mission of Citisoft’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committee is to foster education and activism within the company. Through an employee-led forum and resources group, the DEI committee engages employees from all levels of the company to identify DEI goals, provide a medium to educate one another on related topics of importance, and offer a pathway to address issues. This collaborative effort fosters a sense of community, provides a safe space for uncomfortable conversations, and ensures that Citisoft’s DEI initiatives align with the values of our employees.



We're proud of our long history of giving back to the communities where we live and work through philanthropy and volunteering. Our employee-led Charitable Giving committee ensures that our time and resources are dedicated to organizations that align best with our collective values and priorities.

The mission of Citisoft’s Charitable Giving committee is to allocate resources to charitable organizations on an ongoing basis. This mission is centered on three components: identifying and giving to organizations where we can maximize impact, aligning our donations to corporate values, and providing a framework for other committees to use for charitable giving. Through these efforts, the committee strives to meaningfully give back to the communities where we live and work and to encourage employees across the firm to work alongside us in this goal.

"We must all do our part  to push our industry towards a more equitable and just future."

Tom Secaur, COO, Citisoft

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