Design and implement an optimal operating model with unmatched outsourcing expertise

Future-proof your operations with an outsourcing model in tune with your business.

To orchestrate an operating model change, you need to understand your requirements, the outsourcing options available, and the process for making a transition. We’ll help you assess where you can maximize operational efficiency through outsourcing and hit the right notes from vendor evaluation to post-transition support. With over 40 successful outsourcing transitions, we have an ear to the ground on the vendor landscape and decades of experience keeping asset managers’ needs in concert with service provider capabilities.

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Full Outsourcing

Pass the baton with confidence.

Considering fully outsourcing your middle or back office? Ensuring the right fit for a long-term service provider relationship is critical when transforming your operating model. You need a trusted outsourcing partner who has the technology capable of evolving with your investment strategy and the service to maintain a seamless operation. We’ll help you determine if full outsourcing is the best strategy for your business and find a partner who is fit to be an extension of your team.

Component Outsourcing

Maximize operational efficiency with targeted outsourcing.

Your front office needs to quickly pivot in order to execute sophisticated investment strategies. If your operations can’t keep pace, you’re missing out on opportunities to maximize returns. By pinpointing your weakest links, you can map an outsourcing strategy that capitalizes on your strengths and prepares your operations team to turn on a dime. We’ll help you assess your operating model to determine which functions are a fit for component outsourcing and leverage our unmatched vendor expertise to find the service provider best suited to maximize your technology and operations.

Service Provider Outsourcing Transitions

Seamlessly transition your operations.

Integrating a third party into the fabric of your operations requires trust and bandwidth. Without the right resources in place, you could invest massive time and energy only to end up with a patchwork of siloed data streams or redundant functions with little efficiency gained. We know how to thread the needle between you and your service provider to ensure you meet your end goals quickly and effectively. Whether you are outsourcing or providing outsourcing services, we'll leverage our unmatched experience working on both sides of transitions of every size and scope.

Healthcare organization transforms operations to support sophisticated investment strategy

One of the leading healthcare organizations in the US sought to internalize its investment operations to support innovative investment strategies. Learn how this client achieved its goals by redesigning its operations, technology, and data architecture.

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