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Citisoft Introduces Benchmarking Services

Citisoft, a leading global investment management consulting firm, today announced the launch of Benchmarking Services, an offering to help asset managers efficiently and cost effectively assess their existing software and service provider relationships. Their new service offers a deep and nuanced view of software and service providers throughout the investment lifecycle, giving asset managers a comprehensive view of options and pricing across the market.

Many asset managers lean heavily on their partner relationships which can persist for a decade or more. Over the course of these contracts, managers may outgrow their original needs or must meet new requirements to perform due diligence on the market. Citisoft Benchmarking Services allows asset managers to gain an understanding of the options available without undergoing a time-intensive search and selection process.

"The vendor and service provider market continues to evolve with new technology and breadth of services. What asset managers know about the availability of options and pricing is often outdated," says Citisoft COO, Tom Secaur. "Citisoft Benchmarking Services offers an efficient way for managers to canvass the market and gain a clear understanding of the options available to them. Citisoft has decades of experience in technology and operations strategy—îadvising dozens of search and selection programs and transitions. Our depth of expertise means we have an intricate and evolving understanding of software and services for the asset management industry."

A typical search and selection process can take months to complete, with significant expenditure on requirements development, formulating a request for proposal, and evaluating responses. Citisoft Benchmarking Services shortens this cycle significantly and empowers asset managers to evaluate options quickly and cost effectively, whether they are considering a switch in provider or simply validating their course.

For more information, visit Benchmarking Services.

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