Benchmarking Services

    Chart a new path or stay the course? Our Benchmarking Services will give you the intel you need to decide.

    Quickly and cost-effectively benchmark the vendor landscape.

    We’ve leveraged decades of expertise in the asset management software and services industry to build Citisoft Benchmarking Services. Our Benchmarking Services help you quickly and cost-effectively benchmark your current provider against the software and services landscape.

    Get a comprehensive view of the market

    Uncover new opportunities by assessing the software or services market.

    The software and services market is moving fast. If you haven't undergone a search and selection recently, you could be missing out on new opportunities for functionality and cost efficiency. Citisoft Benchmarking Services offers a 360-degree view of software and service providers across the investment lifecycle to give you a comprehensive view of options and pricing across the market.

    Explore options faster

    Maximize efficiency, minimize cost.

    Finding the right partner for your business is anything but simple. A standard search and selection can take months of due diligence and this in-depth analysis might require more resources than your business can spare. Citisoft Benchmarking Services simplifies the process by giving broad insight into the market, empowering you with the insight needed to decide if you want to change course.

    Gain experienced perspective

    Leverage insights from the experts.

    Don't settle for out-of-the-box benchmarking from consultants who don't understand your business. Citisoft has decades of expertise in software and services for the investment management industry. We are singularly focused on this space, providing you with a deep and nuanced view of the options available. Through the strength of our vendor relations program and uncompromised commitment to remaining vendor agnostic, we have the broadest and most current intel on the market.

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