Steve Young Discusses Designing a Client Communications Operating Model


In a recent post on SimCorp’s blog, Citisoft’s Steve Young discusses client communications operating models and three critical areas of focus. Read on to find out more about why data is the key to a strong foundation, and visit SimCorp’s blog to learn more on outsourcing and technology.

The critical role of data

Data forms a key component of any operating model and is seen as being critical to every process within every firm. The client communications function should be a receiver of the core data, which is manufactured and validated elsewhere, rather than client communications being the owner and manufacturer of the data.

Client communications lies at the end of the investment management process. If the only area of the business where the data is correct is in client communications, then there are serious problems upstream. Core data for reporting should be consumed from elsewhere within the investment management firm and it should be high quality data, available in a timely manner.

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