Steve Young Discusses Evolution of Client Reporting


Citisoft’s Steve Young recently penned an article featured on the IBS Intelligence Blog discussing the need for innovation in the realm of client reporting. From both a business and a vendors’ perspective, Steve writes, the term ‘client reporting’ is increasingly inappropriate and lacks the necessary ambition to be effective in today’s investment management world. This situation is partially as a result of the terminology that the function uses and the perceived lack of added value within the client reporting process. 

Essentially, many of the reporting solutions on the market today are largely designed to solve existing problems, such as the automation, control and governance of the current client reporting and sales information. For almost every firm within investment management though, be they institutional asset managers, retail asset managers, wealth managers and even private banks, the focus should no longer be about client reporting; the emphasis has shifted to improving the client experience: ‘going digital’, using technology to improve the business model and enhance the client interactions with the investment manager.

For more of Steve’s insight on how client reporting is shifting to meet client needs, read the full article.