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Harness disparate data, create scalable operations, and identify strategic partners for your alternative investment strategies.

Whether you are invested in private equity, private debt, or real estate assets, you face significant challenges building an operating platform to support scalable growth. The prevailing technology and services deployed by asset managers invested in private markets traditionally satisfy specific components of the overarching operating model depending on the role of the investor and the investments themselves.

Today’s managers are looking at diverse multi-asset strategies across the spectrum of private markets, creating a world where asset allocation, risk, performance, and operations are encumbered by bespoke solutions and manual disconnected workflows. We will partner with your firm to holistically assess business requirements from the front office to back office to align strategies around firm-wide data, integrated workflows, automation opportunities, and outsourcing options.

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Get a handle on data complexity

Gain an expert perspective on your operating model and define a vision for the future.

You are tackling challenges in collecting, sanitizing, and harmonizing large volumes of structured and unstructured data with varying quality and timeliness. Managing the investment constructs, transaction lifecycles, and valuations of your investments in a governed and automated manner is within reach of today’s private markets investor. With the demands of running the business day-to-day, many asset managers do not have the capacity or purview to formulate a clear vision and roadmap for the future. Leverage the depth and expertise of our consultants to assess your current state, identify gaps and opportunities, and clearly define business requirements to develop an optimal target state operating model.

Harness built-for-purpose technology

Support complex investment strategies with sophisticated tools.

Private market investing involves a host of unique challenges from automating operational workflow, managing external and internal data, creating single-source views for firm-wide consumption, and supporting consolidated reporting efficiently and accurately. Citisoft has experience assisting clients in evaluating and implementing targeted solutions that align with our client's strategic objectives whether you are an allocator or a direct investor.

Stay ahead of the curve with outsourcing services

Find the right strategic partner to accelerate transformation.

Assessing outsourcing options for non-core activities can improve operational efficiency, production costs, ability to scale, and overall speed to market. And for private market investing, outsourcing can be the key to managing complexity. Typical private markets outsourcing evaluations include data collection and quality, IT infrastructure, transparency services for LPs, shadow bookkeeping, and various labor-intensive workflows. Citisoft has extensive experience across all these facets of outsourcing evaluations and can assess outsourcing fit across your operations.

Meet your internal and external obligations

Gain control of your portfolios and maximize transparency.

Whether you simply seeking alpha, are under pressure from regulators, or obligated to your beneficiaries to demonstrate a thorough duty of care, you need total control over your investment portfolios. We’ll guide you through the operational due diligence process to meet compliance, risk, and reporting needs for a broad range of investment strategies. Our experienced consultants will help you gain a holistic view of your strategies, implement the right solutions for your unique needs, and mitigate operational risk.

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