Back Office

Mitigate risk, free your resources, and run a smooth operation with flexible back office technology and services

Keep your back office engine running with minimal upkeep.

You can’t afford a steam-powered back office operation when your investments move at lightning speed. To keep your front office on track, you need uninterrupted compliance, reporting, accounting, and custody services. Our back office experts can help you pinpoint how to maximize benefit from your service provider relationships and mitigate risk of breakdown. With confidence in your back office technology and operations, you’re free to focus on the business of conducting a world-class investment strategy.

Fund Accounting

Partner with a service provider who will evolve with your accounting needs.

You need a fund accounting partner with function-rich technology and the flexibility to customize its service to any market, fund structure, or security type. As your investment strategy evolves, having the capabilities to handle various accounting bases, complex pricing and valuation, and customized reporting becomes critical for growth. Whether you’re an institutional asset manager, pension fund, or insurer, we have the experience to help you find and transition to a partner that’s the perfect fit for your unique needs.


Build trust with a sustainable and dynamic valuation processes.

By centralizing and integrating your valuation and data management processes, you’ll put the days of disparate inputs and manual valuations behind you. Our domain experts know how to orchestrate the latest position and pricing data to maximize consistent valuations day after day. Your redesigned valuation process will act as a benchmark for internal compensation and attract new investors.

Fund Administration

Outsource your fund administration with compliance confidence.

You need complete transparency into your investments to comply with evolving regulatory, tax, and financial reporting requirements. Our consultants have helped evaluate and transition countless investment managers of every size and fund structure to the industry’s leading fund administrators. This breadth of experience gives us unique perspective on who the best service provider is to handle your specific compliance needs and how to make the transition efficient and seamless.

Regulatory Compliance

Translate regulatory policy into targeted operating model changes.

We’ve done the homework and understand the impact of evolving regulation. With our deep back office experience and market-specific expertise, we’ll help you achieve full compliance by building a pragmatic workflow to produce, retain, and report the required data in the correct time frame, with minimal business disruption.


Find a custodian that supports your infrastructure.

Identifying the best back office partner for your business requires in-depth knowledge of capabilities around custodial technology, safekeeping across all asset classes, pricing, and access to global markets with local support. With our extensive custodial market purview and independent point of view, we’ll guide you through any custodial project from evaluations and selections to implementations.

Download our Systems and Vendors: A Joint Choice whitepaper

The management and evaluation of vendor and service provider risk has never been more important than it is right now in the investment management industry. Learn actionable steps for mitigating risk and maintaining a vendor relationship over the long term.


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