Data Management

Power your investment strategy by aligning your front, middle, and back office with a holistic data management program

Promote operational health with quality data.

Data is the lifeblood of your business. To power your investment strategy, you can’t afford inefficiencies and inaccuracies. We’ll help you diagnose and fix common data ailments while aligning your business under a trusted source of timely and accurate data. Whether you’re revising a data architecture at its breaking point or introducing data governance for the first time, we’ll help you achieve data management goals across the investment lifecycle. 

Data Governance 

Support your data architecture with a holistic data governance program.

Even the best data architecture is ineffective without a strong governance program. You need a sustainable data governance model in place to promote data stewardship and data control processes at all levels of your organization. Our data governance experts know how to promote internal buy-in, communicate with stakeholders, and implement the tools you need to ensure timely and accurate data from the front to back office. Whether you’re new to data governance or tightening up your controls, we’ll help you build governance processes that work across the enterprise.

Data Architecture

We have proven expertise on what data architecture could and should look like.

Gain functional and operational efficiency through our years of industry-specific experience. Our thorough familiarity with the data vendor universe provides a clear line of sight into your options. Drawing on our deep technical knowledge of implementation and integration for disparate systems, we’ll work together to build the best foundation for data-driven business decisions.

Investment Data Management

Bring consistency to your data and reduce the need for interpretation.

Mitigate your data risk and increase trust in data through our vast experience with major data management players. Clarify inconsistencies that impact your day-to-day with our extensive knowledge consolidating, normalizing, and standardizing data. By refining your data quality and achieving one version of the truth, you’ll curtail interpretation and reduce misinformed decisions.

Information Delivery

Put meaningful information in the hands of those who need it.

Providing actionable data requires a partner who understands the intent of that data for each of your business lines. Our comprehensive knowledge of industry practices lets you maximize the full potential of your systems to deliver quality data in a manner that is consistent, repeatable, appropriate, and timely.

Business Intelligence

Unlock the full power of your data.

Transforming big data into business intelligence requires unique insight on how your data sources fit into the big picture. We’ll help you cut through complexity to integrate your data at the enterprise level, empowering you to tap into new insights across the front, middle, and back office. From easing the burden on compliance and regulations, to providing necessary risk modeling, our consultants are experienced in business intelligence strategy and hands-on program delivery.

$300B global asset manager launches program to enable data-centric operating model

Our client achieved impressive asset growth by expanding its product lines, distribution channels, and global markets coverage. Learn how this organization enhanced its operating model to keep pace and support a data-centric environment for its many unique investment management teams.

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