Front Office

Enable your investment strategy with cutting-edge technology and ironclad support

Empower your front office to lead the charge.

Your front office team is under unprecedented pressure to perform. Arm them with an arsenal of unbeatable technology and streamlined processes to meet any investment challenge head-on. Whether your strategy includes expanding to complex multi-asset class investments or leveraging products in new geographies, we’ll help ensure your front office is equipped to stay ahead of the market and shielded from operational inefficiencies.

Portfolio Analytics

Navigate the vendor landscape with ease.

Finding the right technology fit for your portfolio analytics needs is like finding a needle in a haystack. Distill your business requirements and uncover the right technology solution with a partner who knows the vendor landscape. Whether you are looking to isolate specific factor exposures driving your performance, stress test different scenarios, or backtest a new investment strategy in a volatile market environment, we’ll partner with you and provide an unbiased review of solutions designed to fit your current and future state needs.

Portfolio Construction

Align operational and technical support with your investment objectives.

New asset classes, leveraged products, and complex investments are shaping your portfolio strategy. Maximize alpha with flexible technology that can integrate evolving strategies into the portfolio construction process. We’ll partner with you to design and build a focused, integrated front office environment that consumes and produces quality data for scenario modeling, risk management, trading, and compliance.

Performance Measurement and Attribution

Gain a clear view of your performance.

Hindsight should be 20/20 but without the right tools and processes in place for performance measurement, you’re wasting valuable data. We’ll help you accurately calculate your returns, performance attribution, composites, and risk by identifying and evaluating the performance measurement systems best suited to your unique investment and analysis strategy. Working with external data providers, vendors, and stakeholders across your business, we’ll implement your technology with a holistic view of integration within your larger systems and data architecture. Whether you need support for equity, fixed income, or multi-asset attribution, we’ll empower your organization with the tools they need to make informed investment decisions.


Stay ahead of regulatory risk.

Are regulations keeping you up at night? Don’t let new policies and requirements impact your investment strategy or put you at risk for fines and sanctions. We monitor the technology and operations impact of evolving regulation at every point of the order lifecycle. From MiFID II to SEC modernization, we can help you holistically monitor, report, and provide end-to-end audit trails using accurate data.

Order Management Systems

Ensure your OMS is feature and function rich.

You need an order management system that can do more than handle your investment products and volumes—you need an integrated system that feeds accurate data to your downstream systems. With decades of experience evaluating and implementing OMS systems, we’ll help ensure that your platform can keep pace with your evolving investment strategy while streamlining your workflow and seamlessly integrating data throughout your business.

Risk Management

Mitigate risk throughout the investment lifecycle.

You’re under pressure to simultaneously account for portfolio, liquidity, counterparty, regulatory, and operational risk. To maneuver these complexities, you need to be equipped with the right toolset and processes to holistically manage risk across the enterprise. We can help you find the right platform and create controlled and transparent processes to keep every type of risk your business faces in check.

Healthcare organization transforms operations to support sophisticated investment strategy

One of the leading healthcare organizations in the US sought to internalize its investment operations to support innovative investment strategies. Learn how this client achieved its goals by redesigning its operations, technology, and data architecture.

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