Middle Office

Power an innovative investment strategy by transforming your middle office technology and operations

Rely on seasoned middle office experts to handle the heavy lifting.

As lines blur between your front, middle, and back office, integrated data, accurate accounting, and efficient workflows are more important than ever. If your firm is weighed down by legacy systems, processes, and behaviors, your operating model won’t have the strength to match evolving client demands or capitalize on innovative investment strategies. Drawing upon decades of in-depth middle office experience, we’ll help you tackle operational challenges and fuel future growth with proven technology.

Post-Trade Processing

Minimize operational risk through the design of a seamless post-trade processing solution.

To develop an efficient post-execution trade process that will grow with your firm, you need an in-depth understanding of trade processing technology, workflows, and services. Our consultants can help you assess your post-trade alternatives and design a seamless, exception-based, end-to-end solution to address your trade confirmation and settlement challenges. With technology to power a transparent flow of data throughout the post-trade lifecycle, you’ll mitigate your settlement risk and benefit from better oversight, improved communications, and quicker processing.

Collateral Management

Mitigate risk by taking control of collateral management.

You need a robust collateral management solution to reduce counterparty risk and empower your front office with accurate investment data. With mounting regulatory pressures and increased scrutiny on mitigating exposure risk, now is the time to assess your collateral management vision. We can help you understand regulatory complexity and break down system functionality so that you can make informed decisions and ensure your collateral management initiative is a success from strategy to implementation.

Reference Data Management

Integrate and manage reference data across the enterprise.

From performance calculations to security master file data to exchange rates, you need tight controls to manage the complexities of internal and external reference data. Knowing the solutions, data providers, and stakeholders at play and understanding your infrastructure needs is the first step in building a strong reference data management program. Our data experts can help you assess your operating model and guide you toward a data-centric future state that will evolve with your investment strategy. As an EDM Council authorized partner, we have a unique view of industry practices and can leverage this perspective and experience to lead your program from strategy through implementation.


Enable a data-centric operating model.

Put timely, accurate, and complete positions recordkeeping data into the hands of those who need it. If your data is flowing from disparate sources with little integration or oversight, data inaccuracies are inevitable. Protect your firm from operational risk and empower your front office to make informed investment decisions with an investment book of record (IBOR).  We’ll help you design and implement the systems architecture designed to capture intraday positions across asset classes with a golden copy record of your data.

Investment Accounting

Empower your team with the toolset to manage any accounting need.

If your team is running on an outdated investment accounting system, you’re putting your operations at risk. You need flexible and function-rich accounting systems to handle sophisticated investments and meet evolving regulatory demands. We can help you transform your technology with a multi-currency accounting solution customized to support your unique needs—from fixed income to collateralized obligations to swaps. Whether you need a system for insurance accounting or a service provider for fund accounting, our experts can guide you through the transformation process from start to finish.

Client Communications

Enhance client experience with innovative technology.

Keeping up with evolving client demand is critical to business growth, but legacy IT and operations are holding you back. You need to assess the people, processes, and technology that underpin your client communications operating model to meet new client experience and reporting needs. Our consultants are well-versed on the fundamentals of modern client communications programs—from the provision of timely, accurate data, to the design of fit-for-purpose client reports, to establishing automated, exception-based workflows. Once we’ve set the stage with your systems and data architecture, we’ll help you take it a step beyond by exploring options for a differentiated digital experience and collaborative client-first operating model.

Performance Measurement and Attribution

Gain a clear view of your performance.

Hindsight should be 20/20 but without the right tools and processes in place for performance measurement, you’re wasting valuable data. We’ll help you accurately calculate your returns, performance attribution, composites, and risk by identifying and evaluating the performance measurement systems best suited to your unique investment and analysis strategy. Working with external data providers, vendors, and stakeholders across your business, we’ll implement your technology with a holistic view of integration within your larger systems and data architecture. Whether you need support for equity, fixed income, or multi-asset attribution, we’ll empower your organization with the tools they need to make informed investment decisions.


Stay ahead of regulatory risk.

Are regulatory requirements keeping you up at night? Don’t let new policies and requirements impact your investment strategy or put you at risk for fines and sanctions. We assess the technology and operations impact of evolving regulation so you can rest easy that you’ll have the right tools to achieve in compliance at every point of the order lifecycle. From MiFID II to SEC Modernization, we can help you design a comprehensive oversight program to monitor, report and provide end-to-end audit trails using accurate real-time data.

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