Data Management

  • Data Governance

    Establishing clear accountability and control of a firm’s data assets is garnering much attention in the hyper competitive and continually evolving investment management industry. The push for decision makers to glean money making insights, pressures from clients and internal stakeholders for greater transparency at ever increasing speed, demands from regulators to fulfill reporting mandates, and a desire to efficiently manage costs and risks drive home the importance of sound data operating models. Of course, data governance is not simply a technology function. Business users understand the data needed and how to apply it to suit their purposes while technology partners are engaged to support the business goals through deployment of efficient and reliable data capture and access points. Citisoft is a thought leader in data governance and works with investment management firms who seek excellence in managing their data assets to achieve continually evolving and sometimes disparate goals.

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  • Data Architecture

    Data underlies almost every decision made by investment managers and service providers.  It ensures that every process and technology system is performing at peak levels. Good data supports the investment decision process, provides transparency, and enables firms to better mitigate risk. A well-defined data architecture model is crucial to not only meet the complex data demands of the evolving market place but also is a key requirement to provide users with an on-demand information delivery tool.

    A good architecture consolidates data sources in a logical and structured manner and is designed to meet the requirement of on demand information delivery. It is flexible to support new financial instruments and meet the changing needs of business. The data model should apply sound rules to ensure the highest quality data and provide transparency needed to easily access historical and current data needed. Citisoft has expert data consultants who can advise clients on how best to set up efficient tailored data architecture and develop a sound operating model around it.

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  • Investment Data Management

    Data is perhaps the most important collateral that an investment manager owns. Without accurate and complete data, buy-side managers, no matter how skilled, will struggle not only to understand the state of the market and future trends, but also to understand their true exposures at a given point in time. Mergers and acquisitions have also created an environment where management groups are working from different platforms, each supporting its own data model and database structure. In addition, many investment managers are continuing to support ‘best of breed’ business application technology platforms.  In these environments, managers are attempting to support leading front office systems, accounting systems, and risk management systems. All of these systems share data and without a defined data strategy, the disadvantages of change can often outweigh the benefits.

    Citisoft is a leader in advising investment managers on their strategic approach to investment data management in addition to delivering effective and pragmatic solutions. To Citisoft, a good data management strategy reduces a firm's overall technology spend yet delivers more to the end users.

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  • Information Delivery

    Information is the catalyst behind almost every decision made by investment managers and service providers. It ensures that every process and technology system is performing at peak levels.

    Accurate, complete and timely information supports the investment decision process, provides transparency into an organization and enables firms to better mitigate risk. A well-defined information management and delivery model is crucial to not only meet the complex demands of the evolving marketplace but also to provide users with an on-demand information delivery tool.

    Citisoft has the technology and investment management industry experience required to assist clients with developing a high performing delivery network. Citisoft consultants have wide ranging skills and can provide leadership in roles as diverse as data architect through more technical roles in terms of extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) programming, data warehouse/mart construction and information access system selection and implementation.

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  • Business Intelligence

    Business Intelligence (BI) is a goal oriented process design applied to your firm’s data universe. In order to answer complex questions like did our firm comply with regulations across EMEA and APAC this year? Or where was our firms’ credit risk in inflation linked bonds concentrated last quarter? Your people and technology must be empowered to create reliable and targeted data structures. Citisoft can help your firm roll out a focused BI strategy and process. Our deep knowledge of performance management, data management, High-end analytics, and packaged analytics combined with our system’s implementation experience will unlock your firms’ ability to leverage its own data assets.

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