Top Blogs of 2018

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I joined the Citisoft team as Marketing & Communications Manager a few months back and have spent considerable time evaluating the content that has resonated most with our readers over the past year. From snake oil and Alice in Wonderland to lessons we can learn from Steve Jobs and our military, our bloggers have covered a lot of ground! There have been many great topics discussed on our blog this year, but with 2018 quickly coming to a close, I compiled a short list of Citisoft’s Top 5 most read blogs, so you can easily catch up on this year’s hot topics before we make our way into 2019.


Citisoft’s Top 5 Blogs of 2018


#5. A Tale of Two Offices

Brian Beldotti examines how recent trends such as managed services and middle office outsourcing have shaken up the traditional career path from middle office operations to front office roles. But does this change come at a cost to the front office?


#4. One-Stop Shopping for Investment Platforms—Reality or Snake Oil?

To reduce costs and increase speed of deploying complicated investment technology solutions, the allure of a single platform that meets all needs across the front, middle, and back office is enticing. But does a truly viable one-stop-shop option exist? Derek Pratt weighs in.


#3. Hiring Character Over Credentials

When hiring new talent, Ivy League degrees, great GPAs, and fancy-sounding certifications are intriguing—but they won't win the day when the going gets tough. Shannon Daigh shares her thoughts on the top three traits you should look for in applicants, plus whether you should be wary of millennials.


#2. Four Questions to Ask After a Vendor Acquisition

When our clients approach us for advice in light of an acquisition, we encourage them to talk to their contacts at the vendor, both in the executive suite as well as the support staff. Read on for a few questions Tom Secaur encourages asset managers to ask.


#1. Active or Passive? What’s Driving Change in Asset Management

Is the active vs passive debate worth following for tech and ops professionals? Read 2018’s most viewed blog for Ben Keeler’s take on industry changes.


After the ball drops, resolve to stay current on the latest insights and trends in asset management, starting with our 2019 Outlook paper, which will publish next month.

Happy New Year from all of us at Citisoft!