Technology and Operations Investment Survey

    What's driving transformation in asset management?

    Technology and Operations Investment Survey

    To learn more about how the asset management industry continues to transform, Citisoft collaborated with Ignites and FundFire to survey readers from nearly 100 firms across the asset management spectrum. We sought to learn where firms are planning to invest in the coming year and how they plan to do so. We also explored the types of investments firms plan to make, sourcing model changes, and preferences on single provider all-in-one solutions vs a best-of-breed strategy.

    The goal of our research was to determine the challenges firms are currently facing and those they will continue to face in the future. Additionally, we sought to achieve a better understanding of the drivers behind these challenges and the solutions that firms are considering to address them.

    Citisoft's survey analysis revealed several noteworthy takeaways on priorities, challenges, and sentiment for technology and operations programs over the next 12 months. The infographic below summarizes our key findings.


    Transformation is an ongoing driver of change in the asset management space which will continue indefinitely.


    Our findings confirm that transformation is an ongoing driver of change in the asset management space which will continue indefinitely. Transformation initiatives are challenging to firms of all sizes—from initiative outset to seeing a project across the finish line. We found that firms are investing heavily in the front office to drive alpha generation along with client facing tools to enhance user experience. Technology innovation continues to be a catalyst as outdated and emerging technology become a primary focus of improving core portfolio management infrastructure. Getting data management right with sound governance and stewardship coupled with deep regulatory and investment compliance understanding are critical components when deploying future solutions. As each asset manager has a unique set of business needs, determining whether a best-of-breed or single solution is appropriate will depend on the nature of each firm's operation.

    Regardless of the path forward, respondents agree: moving projects from planning to execution is a challenge that requires strong alignment and broad-based buy-in on a strategic vision. Firms should consider what these findings mean for their own initiatives and how they can leverage this information to maximize transformational efforts today and in the future.

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