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The future of clearing - ISS #citisoft
about 23 hours 52 min ago
The Business Value Scorecard: 10 Ways IT Can Gain the Business's Trust #citisoft
about 1 day 23 hours ago
Most cloud apps flout EU data protection rules – study • The Register #citisoft
about 2 days 52 min ago
Change Management: it is all about communication #citisoft
about 2 days 12 hours ago
M&A Activity Will Continue to Grow in 2015 - Wall Street & Technology #citisoft
about 2 days 20 hours ago
More speculation on how Google is poised to become a dominant Investment Manager - Forbes #citisoft
about 2 days 22 hours ago
Implications of MiFID II for wealth managers #Citisoft
about 3 days 20 hours ago
Why buy-side firms should consider outsourcing data management #Citisoft
about 4 days 20 hours ago
Interesting KPMG survey finds disruptive technologies will rock 2017, #citisoft
about 4 days 23 hours ago
Proposed EU privacy laws could have huge impact-proposed penalties of 5% annual revenue or up to €100m #citisoft
about 5 days 52 min ago

14 for '14

14 trends to watch & predictions including opinions on the future of data technology and how the best of breed conversation will look a whole lot different in 2014.

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