Delivery Services

  • Program & Project Management

    Citisoft can implement and lead a Program Management Office (PMO) to provide ongoing control of client programs and projects. This includes addressing the challenges of a complex project portfolio and providing an appropriate governance and oversight structure. Proper PMO management includes an ongoing alignment of deliverables, scope, scheduling, budgeting and reporting while identifying and managing cross-project dependencies. This can frequently be more effectively accomplished with external, objective management. Our consultants have significant project management experience and the recognized credentials associated with project management standards to ensure a successful outcome which aligns with the client’s strategic intentions.

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  • System Implementation & Integration

    Citisoft’s System Implementation & Integration service provides a best-in-class methodology which is focused, strategic and pragmatic to quickly and effectively helps clients implement, migrate or upgrade software investments. Citisoft consultants leverage their many years of investment management experience to provide the technical and functional expertise needed to effectively manage the project deliverables. We align a client’s unique requirements to the Citisoft project management structure which reduces risk and accelerates the time to market. Citisoft delivers successful implementations within your IT and operational environments to enable your firm to achieve peak performance.

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  • Outsourcing Transition

    With the rapid maturation of full and component services from outsourcing providers, Citisoft is a key player in guiding clients across the globe through dozens of outsourcing transition projects. Our unique experience with multiple investment managers of varying shapes, sizes and functional focuses equips Citisoft to provide our clients with a pragmatic and flexible methodology needed to ensure a smooth transition.

    Having worked on both the client side and the outsourcing provider side of projects, Citisoft is uniquely situated to understand both sides of the transition. We apply our proven methodologies to ensure our clients have a successful transition, and are properly positioned for future growth with their new outsourcing provider.

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  • Test Planning, Control & Execution

    Citisoft has proven experience managing and leading the holistic testing phase (unit, system, UAT, parallel) to provide confidence that the system(s) and its supporting infrastructure are production ready. Citisoft’s goal is to ensure that the business stakeholders are confident with the testing performed and agree that the solution is ready for deployment. Citisoft’s testing delivery experience spans a wide variety of system implementations, upgrades, integrations and outsourcing transitions across the front, middle, and back office domains. Our team has experience fulfilling multiple testing roles such as project manager, documentation analyst, execution analyst, defect manager and quality control oversight. Our clients often look upon Citisoft to function in hybrid testing roles due to aggressive or often shrinking testing windows and project completion deadlines. Our breadth of experience includes developing and implementing testing strategies, developing business scenarios, testing uses and test scripts, defect tracking and testing phase project management.

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  • Requirements Definition

    Citisoft's Requirements Definition service provides focused answers and pragmatic artifacts for solving our client's challenging business problems. From changes in global financial regulations and outdated technology and processes to an overreliance on spreadsheets leading to data quality issues, Citisoft defines today's business issues and their impact from the perspective of our client's current state. Once defined, Citisoft creates precise requirements to meet our client’s individual business needs. From detailed data and interface requirements to workflow diagrams, Citisoft applies its extensive expertise to deliver requirements that address the impact of today's business needs.

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  • Business Process Reengineering

    Proper alignment of people, process and technology is essential for a successful investment management firm. Incremental technology changes and changing business needs can result in operating models that deviate from core mandates requiring a fresh perspective to ensure alignment with the firm’s strategic vision. Often these challenges result in financial loss, operational frustrations and client dissatisfaction. Citisoft has a proven track record of recommending and implementing business process best practices for leading investment management firms. We have extensive knowledge of the investment management business including operating models, systems, and data structures. The reengineering work Citisoft performs aligns the end to end processes, the use of data and the integration of technology tools and functionality.

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