Countdown: Our Top Blogs of 2023

Blog countdown headerAs we reflect back on 2023, we note significant strides toward innovation in the solutions market, amongst our clients, and more broadly, with the development of new technologies that could drive further industry innovation. For all the excitement of the past year, many of the themes that we discuss with clients remain consistent: getting data houses in order, approaching vendor relationships as a partnership, and working toward changing legacy processes and technology. In keeping with these themes, our top blogs for this year reflect a healthy blend of optimism about future innovation with a realistic look at what can be achieved in the near-term. With that in mind, please enjoy a recap of our top blog posts by readership below. Thank you to everyone who took the time to read, engage, or contribute in 2023!

5. Key Insights from “Alternative Investments: Using Data to Drive Growth”

In 2023, we released a deep dive report on the alternatives investments landscape, pulling from insights gleaned from interviews with over a dozen senior leaders in private equity GP and LP firms across North America and Europe. This summary blog touches on the main themes and takeaways including how alternatives investors are leveraging data to drive growth, what their data management best practices look like, and where their 2024 priorities lay. 

4. Data Strategy: Look Back Before Moving Forward

"The way in which data is consumed, shared, and stored will continue to progress along with the evolution and maturation of the next generation data architecture. The next domino to fall will be: where will all the data be stored?" Citisoft's Paul McInnis weighs in on this question and provides an excellent summary of the evolution of data architectures spanning topics including cloud, data integration, and data models. 

3. Asset Management Operations: What Can ChatGPT Do for Me?

ChatGPT dominated headlines this year and so it's no surprise that Victor Slabodchikov's quick take on the chatbot finds itself high on our list. Victor chats with ChatGPT to uncover what the bot can do for asset management operations—from data analysis to project management to process automation. Read on for his take on where ChatGPT can help and where it’s unlikely to add value (at least for now).

2. Can Asset Owners Achieve a Consolidated View Across Portfolios?

Three Citisoft contributors joined forces on this in-depth blog in order to explore a question on many minds in our industry: can asset owners really achieve a consolidated view across all asset classes and portfolios? Most readers have taken note of the buzz around terms like “total portfolio view” or “whole portfolio view,” but what is discussed less are the challenges our clients face in achieving this kind of consolidated, multi-asset portfolio view. David Yardley, Jason Humm, and Alissa Doherty put pen to take an in-depth look at requirements, data issues, and recommendations for a path forward in the goal of achieving what could either be a game-changer or a pipe dream. 

1. Three Vendors to Watch in 2023: Early Adopter Edition

Citisoft's Jenny Mynahan reclaims her top spot on our blog countdown list with her list of three vendors to watch in 2023. We won't spoil the surprise for those who have not yet read Jenny's blog, but suffice to say, Jenny's list was spot on with significant development and innovation coming from these vendors over the course of last year. 

As always, we’d love to hear from you on topics of interest welcome your feedback in the comments below. We hope for more insightful discussion in 2024 as well as good health and good cheer to you and your loved ones!