Tom Secaur Considers Challenges of Attracting Talent in Ignites

As competition for talent heats up across industries, asset managers looking to staff operations roles must re-think traditional recruitment tactics and consider how reskilling and job rotation influence candidates.

"'It’s about, how do we attract the hoodie and flip-flop generation?' said Tom Secaur, chief operating officer at operations consulting firm Citisoft. Thanks to the rise of cloud and digital technologies in the fund industry, shops may be able to attract the technical and project management talent that they need to thrive, he noted. The industry has recently had trouble competing with social media companies and tech giants like Amazon and Google, he noted.

Service providers like State StreetBNY Mellon and Northern Trust, as well as digital accounting and front-office platforms like BlackRock’s Aladdin, are 'doing some cool stuff,' Secaur said."

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