Citisoft and SWIB Discuss Tech and Ops Transformation with Pensions & Investments

The State of Wisconsin Investment Board recently announced that it successfully completed its four-year technology and operations transformation with the support of Citisoft. “This initiative was driven by our commitment to derive the most value possible for SWIB’s retirees through our investment approach. With the completion of this program, we’ve achieved that goal by moving from siloed investment technology to a sophisticated asset class and risk aggregated model,” said David Villa, Chief Investment Officer at SWIB.

SWIB and Citisoft spoke with Pensions & Investments to discuss the transformation program and its results. Citisoft's David Bates commented that SWIB's program is part of a larger industry trend towards seeking improvements in performance and risk reporting by leveraging tech.

"We've seen more interest and have engaged with health-care companies and pension plans about technology and operational needs and how to marry them," David commented. "You can make a parallel to (money) managers that need to reposition their value proposition as an active manager. What is the value that an active manager can bring to an institutional investor? It's trending toward risk aversion as well as alpha generation. Managing risk is becoming a value proposition to managers as well."

For more information on SWIB's transformation project and insight on how pension funds can power investment strategy with cutting-edge tech, streamlined processes, and quality data, read the full article.